Safaricom Marathon Corporate

This is your chance to run wild!

Looking for a reason to get out of the office and do something amazing? Why not sign up as a co-sponsor for the Safari Marathon?

By joining the Safari Marathon, your team will come away with better communication skills, stronger bonds and a sense of empowerment.   Train, travel and compete together with the common goal of making a difference.

“This is something we feel very passionate about supporting…by helping the event become successful it means we’re helping the event raise funds.”

– Huib van de  Grijspaarde, CEO, Kibo

  • Visit our education and community programs to see how your support is having an impact
  • Experience a behind the scenes look at how Lewa protects its wildlife
  • Meet Lewa and Tusk’s conservation leaders
  • Receive passes for the VIP area at the Finish
  • Attend special gatherings with other partners and VIPs